Glasstex Wallcoverings make costly maintenance a thing of the past.

The Glasstex Essential collection is the most competitively priced paintable fire retardant wallcovering in the UK.

We have been selling our exclusive Glasstex Wallcoverings for over 20 years and in that time Glasstex has become the most popular and most widely used glass fibre wallcovering in the UK used by hotels, hospitals, care homes and local authorities, plus many other commercial projects that have required a cost effective and long term decorative solution to internal wall or ceiling areas. With modern, minimalistic, classic patterned designs and combining the strength, durability and fire certification that is found in all our Glasstex products, giving the user the right product at the right price. 

We have now launched a new addition to our offer with the Glasstex Essential collection, this short range of 10 designs aims to bring the very best quality Glass fibre technology into the commercial market as we have always done with Glasstex Premium but to select a range of existing and new designs at a price and accessibility that not only make it the very best choice for use on any commercial project, but the only choice.

The Glasstex paintable wallcovering system offers a complete solution for long term decoration to any wall or ceiling area. 


 cost effective

With a low initial cost and the durability to offer many years wear and tear, Glasstex is the best value wallcovering solution in the market.

 Fire resistant

All Glasstex products are non combustible, and approved to Class ‘O’  UK  building regulations 2000 and Euroclass B-s1,d0 using any good quality water based paint.

 Durable & resistant

Glasstex products strengthen and reinforces the wall and makes it resistant to heavy hits and impacts, great for heavy traffic areas. 

 Prevents cracks

On older walls with cracks, Glasstex designs cover existing cracks and will greatly help prevent new ones, making it the perfect choice for renovation projects. 

 Safe & Eco-friendly

All Glasstex products are completely safe, with no health hazard or chemicals that could give allergic reactions, they also hold the OEKO-TEX standard 100, class 1 certificate. 

 Moisture permeable

Glasstex is woven from inorganic materials and the open- pore structure encourages natural moisture vapour diffusion.


After installation & painting, the Glasstex products become part of the wall and even reinforces the substrate and can be re-painted using any water based paint over many years, thus giving a brand new cost effective look & lease of life.

Recent Case Study

When Edinburgh City Council were looking for a product to give strength, stability and decoration to a range of

lathen plaster substrates, Glasstex Essential was tested and then became the specified choice for extensive use

across numerous properties in Edinburgh and the district, and has proved to be very successful and cost effective.

Pink wall.JPG

Our policy of only supplying the Glasstex Wallcoverings direct from our warehouse to the client, specifier or the chosen decorating contractor ensures the lowest ever buying prices and benefits of using Glass Textile Wallcoverings.